Friday, February 12, 2016

What's In a Name?

You may or may not have noticed anything different about the blog today, but our name has changed!  Sew In Love Quilting is now Sew In Love Handmade!  So what does that mean and why the change?  Well, let me explain . . . 

When I started my business three years ago, I was exclusively making custom quilts and designing quilt patterns. Since then I have evolved and am also making other custom items like baby shoes, bow ties, handbags, and dolls.  Although I have loved being able to make custom quilts for my customers, I have decided to take a step back from that service.  Because of the nature of quilting and its time commitment, I have found that all of my free time has been dedicated to making for others and I have not been able to quilt just for the love of it. I am hoping that transitioning to focusing on less time consuming products, I will free up some time to be creative and enjoy quilting again. 

So, as far as what this means for my blog . . . well, not much, haha!  I will still be sharing my quilting adventures here since that is still what I love to do!   I will occasionally be sharing the products that I am selling over in my etsy shop, and let you know about any sales going on.  

Speaking of my shop, now SewInLoveHandmade, I am planning on having a re-launch in the spring and introducing a group of new handmade products!  I have been working tirelessly to design and revamp and get everything ready. It's been so fun, but very challenging!

I want to thank you for sticking with me through these changes and for always being supportive of me here in cyberland and in real life!

PS - With every social media name change, comes a new link!  Here are my updated links so you can find me where you follow me:

Instagram: @sewinlovehandmade or

PSS - If you enter the old blog or etsy links, you will be redirected to the current addresses. I'm still working with Facebook since I've come across a glitch with my Page updating.  You can still find the page at or by searching for Sew In Love Handmade. Confusing right?  I'll let you know when that's worked out. 

Have a happy weekend!