Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Simple Birthday Skirt

I have worked on a few projects here and there over the last month, but all my project making came to a screeching halt a week and a half ago when I had surgery on my foot.  I am just now getting to the point where I feel well enough to walk around outside a bit, but for the most part I have been stuck inside.  Not being able to sew has been REALLY difficult, especially on days when I needed the stress relief.  Even though the surgery was on my left foot, it has been hard for me to have any pressure on my foot, and sitting without it elevated was painful.  Thus, no sewing.  I was able to complete a few customer orders late last week and committed to myself that I would take it slow and see how I felt.  I thought I'd share with you a simple, quick project I was able to finish this morning.

My daughter, Zoey, is having a birthday next week and she has specifically asked me to get her some new skirts.  She literally wears skirts and dresses 90% of the time, so I was excited that she wanted to add to her wardrobe.  I've also been on a little handmade kick lately and really want to try my hand at garment making.  Obviously being a beginner, I wanted a very easy and fast pattern.  I found a wonderful tutorial on the Dana Made It blog on how to make such a skirt and went and bought this gorgeous fabric at Joann's yesterday.

The floral is a 100% cotton voile I found in their specialty cotton section and the pink is a super soft polyester satin from their apparel section.  I got a yard cut of each so I could make a matching skirt for Lily as well.

I used a mix of Dana's Simple Skirt and her Sparkle Skirt tutorials.  She has really clear instructions and wonderful pictures that explain the step by step process, so I've leave the instructions to her.

Here are some of my in-progress photos . . .

The cutting for this skirt is soooo easy!  You use the measurements as instructed and just cut two rectangles.  I cut the outer fabric 2x's her waist size by the length to from her waist to knee (41.5" x 12").  I cut the lining the same width and added 3.5" to her waist to knee measurement for the length(41.5 x 15.5").  I cut the elastic for the waistband an inch shorter than her waist size (19.75").

Here I'm sewing the bottoms of the lining and outer fabric together.  Dana suggests ironing the seam after this, but I didn't.  I wanted it to have a bubble skirt effect, so I just kind of stuck my hand in between the layers once I turned it right sides out and pushed the seam out. 

Next I basted the outer fabric to the lining fabric.  My fabric shifted a little in this step and although I pinned every 6 inches, I think I would pin more like every 3 inches.  Also, make sure that you start pinning at the seams so they line up together.

Folding over the top fabric to make the waistband . . .
I just made sure that the basting stitches were covered on this one.  For some reason I didn't pin the waistband down and I wish I had, because it also shifted a little (although you can't tell because it has a gathered waist line).

And here's the finished skirt!

Once the skirt was finished, I tried it on the birthday girl.  I told her that I was making a skirt for Lily and I needed to know if I should make it longer or not.  I think she bought it!

I love the length of the skirt!  I was worried that it would be a tad on the long side, but I'm so glad it's not too short and she will have room to grow in it.  The waist fits her perfectly!  In retrospect, I might cut the elastic for the waistband only a 1/2" shorter than her waist size next time and see if that will increase the longevity of the skirt.

This girl just loves to pose and twirl!

I think she'll be surprised for sure when she sees this is actually HER skirt.  Loved making it and I will definitely make more!