Thursday, February 20, 2014

Let's Get It Started

I don't know about you guys, but for me there is something thrilling about starting a new quilting project.  From choosing the pattern and fabric, to cutting said fabric and piecing it together, I love starting quilts . . . but I have a really bad habit of letting them sit unfinished so I can start something else "new". 
Right now I have three quilt tops finished that just need to be basted, quilted, and bound.  And yet, I still want to start something else!  I know, it's a sickness.  To cure myself, I have vowed that I will not cut another piece, let alone a scrap of fabric until I have these quilts completed. 
Here's my Spools quilt made with a jelly roll of beautiful "High Street" fabric by Lily Ashbury for Moda.  I tend to lean towards blues and pinks/reds so using the yellow, green, and orange was a stretch for me.  I love the way it turned out!  You can find the pattern by Camille Roskelley here.

Adorn by Camille Roskelley in her book Simply Retro.  It's a super easy strip quilt, so it's great for scraps.  It's going to hang over my sewing nook eventually!
This pattern is Dapper, also by Camille Roskelley (can you see a pattern here?) in her book Simply Retro.  If you are new or old to quilting, go get a copy of her book!  I promise you will not regret it!
You can get it from her shop, Thimble Blossoms, or on Amazon.  I am making this quilt for my new niece, Gemma, and am hoping to get it done next week.

Okay, back to the discussion on finishing projects . . . my problem is that I have tried several times to organize my projects so that I know what I need to do to get things finished BEFORE moving on, but I haven't found anything that works for me (mainly because I write it down on that one piece of paper that I am sure I put somewhere, but I can't remember, and now that I am trying to find it and it seems to have vanished into thin air. Hate that!)
And then I came across these Project Sheets from Pixels to Patchwork:
These are my new best friend! These project sheets help you keep a visual reminder of each project you are working on. You can track which stage of construction they are in, as well as the priority level then fall under. Taryn has created a master list for all your "to dos" as well as a detailed breakdown for each project.

I started by printing off several individual project sheets and then going through my WIP (work in progress) and UFO (unfinished object) bin to see what I really needed to do to finish each quilt I had already started. I filled out an Individual Project Sheet for each project in my bin, put each sheet in a page protector, and then organized them in a binder so that the highest priority ones are in the front and lower priority projects are in the back. Now I know exactly what I need to work on to get things

Since, I started using them a couple weeks ago, they have already helped me organize my time and project budget so I know exactly what I need when I visit my quilt shop next.
Hope this helps you stay more organized and keeps that quilty wandering eye in check!  What are some projects that you are working on and what do you need to do to finish them?

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  1. Lovely quilts!! I adore that book. And I'm working on four Dapper quilts right now.

    Thanks for the worksheets. I look forward to printing them out. I tend to work on only one or two things at a time. Maybe this will help me tackle more projects at once!