Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wild Rose House Photo Shoot

When Megan Stewart of Wild Rose House contacted me last month to see if I would like to loan her some dolls for a collaborative photo shoot, I was so excited!  Megan is a super talented local fashion blogger that does amazing floral design and styling.  She has been featured in Utah Valley Bride magazine and her work is just gorgeous!

So, today I get to share with you some beautiful pictures!  The theme of the shoot was a mother-daughter tea party and the dolls were in their element in this gorgeous setting. 

I am thrilled with how much the little models loved the dolls and the tenderness which they showed them!

I made the deer's outfit specifically with this photo shoot in mind, but I love it so much, I've decided to include it in my upcoming summer collection.  Between the blush/peach/cream/pink flower crown, the pink chiffon bubble skirt, and the cream ballet slippers, I'm not sure which part is my favorite!

I'm sure if the dolls could talk, they would tell me all about the adventures they went on with their little friends in tow.

I am so delighted with how the photographs turned out!  Hope you enjoy them too!

Flowers and Styling- @wildrosehouse
Photography- @j_sturgell
Makeup- @breecam_mua
Hair- @mackenziedoinghair
Nails- @bossyjocie_
Cakes- @floriacakes
Calligraphy- @nazys_nest
Dolls- @sewinlovehandmade
Mom's Dresses- @dresscollective
Models- Hannah and Norah Grimmett @gaggleofgrimmetts (pink dress and pink dress)
            Jocelyn and Evenlyn Langford @bossyjocie_ (lavender dress and white dress)
            Katie and Bailey Price (white dress and white floral dress)
            Charlette and Emily Halbleib (cream and green dress and yellow dress)

Friday, February 12, 2016

What's In a Name?

You may or may not have noticed anything different about the blog today, but our name has changed!  Sew In Love Quilting is now Sew In Love Handmade!  So what does that mean and why the change?  Well, let me explain . . . 

When I started my business three years ago, I was exclusively making custom quilts and designing quilt patterns. Since then I have evolved and am also making other custom items like baby shoes, bow ties, handbags, and dolls.  Although I have loved being able to make custom quilts for my customers, I have decided to take a step back from that service.  Because of the nature of quilting and its time commitment, I have found that all of my free time has been dedicated to making for others and I have not been able to quilt just for the love of it. I am hoping that transitioning to focusing on less time consuming products, I will free up some time to be creative and enjoy quilting again. 

So, as far as what this means for my blog . . . well, not much, haha!  I will still be sharing my quilting adventures here since that is still what I love to do!   I will occasionally be sharing the products that I am selling over in my etsy shop, and let you know about any sales going on.  

Speaking of my shop, now SewInLoveHandmade, I am planning on having a re-launch in the spring and introducing a group of new handmade products!  I have been working tirelessly to design and revamp and get everything ready. It's been so fun, but very challenging!

I want to thank you for sticking with me through these changes and for always being supportive of me here in cyberland and in real life!

PS - With every social media name change, comes a new link!  Here are my updated links so you can find me where you follow me:

Instagram: @sewinlovehandmade or

PSS - If you enter the old blog or etsy links, you will be redirected to the current addresses. I'm still working with Facebook since I've come across a glitch with my Page updating.  You can still find the page at or by searching for Sew In Love Handmade. Confusing right?  I'll let you know when that's worked out. 

Have a happy weekend!


Friday, January 22, 2016

Sew In Love Mini Quilt

I am right on track with one of my goals for the year, to make a mini quilt or small project each month!  This month I wanted to make something that I could hang above my sewing area and that represented me as a quilter and my brand. Also, being that it's also close to February, this Sew In Love mini was kind of a no-brainer for me.

I used some of the precious Bonnie and Camille fabric from my stash and decided it was time to tackle something new to make the lettering . . . paper piecing. 

I had previously purchased Diane Bohn's (aka From Blank Pages) "My First Alphabet" pattern, so I pulled it out, read through the instructions and went for it!  Well, actually before I just went for it, I read through a series of paper piecing tutorials on Diane's blog that were extremely helpful!  You can find the series here

So, although the "s" is probably the most complex letter in the pattern, I decided it would be a good place to start. I don't know why I do things that way, but I do!  Once I finished that letter, the rest went SO much faster!

One thing I knew I just had to do was omit the "o" in "love" and replace it with heart. I hand embroidered a hand drawn heart, but it didn't seem quite right yet. 

The scale of it was a little off, so I decided to add a stem stitch and another heart like the outer one. I think it looks so much better!

I wanted to keep the quilting to a minimum so I simply free-motioned a little wavy loop in the sashing. 

And of course, I had to use my favorite red and white bias stripe fabric for the binding!  

And the perfect spot for this mini is right over my sewing area, so I can look at those beautiful fabrics everyday and remember that I really do love to sew (even when my desk is a complete and utter mess)!

So, are you ready to make your own Sew In Love mini?   You can buy the alphabet pattern from Diane's website here. You can also check out a bunch of other alphabet projects using her pattern on Instagram under #fromblankpagespatterns. 

I would love to see any of your creations if you decided to make this!  If you are on Instagram make sure to tag me @sewinlovequilting and use #sewinloveminiquilt, or you can email a pic, post it here, whatever floats your boat!  Happy weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Valentine's Day Project Roundup

Many of you are getting ready to start on some Valentine's Day inspired projects, so I thought I'd gather up some links of my creations if you need some ideas to get started.

Hugs and Kisses Quilt 

The Hugs and Kisses quilt is one that I created for the Moda Bakeshop last year.  I used Rambling Rose by Sandy Gervais, but wouldn't it also be dreamy in Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille? 

Click here for the full tutorial!

Ruffled Heart Wreath

Making a wreath for your front door is a simple way to add a little holiday decor to your home. Click here for an easy, quick tutorial for making this ruffled heart wreath. 

Lots of Love Table Runner

If you don't have time to make an entire quilt to celebrate the day of love, this table runner is a great solution!  Click here for the Lots Of Love table runner tutorial!

Love Note Mailbox

Last, but not least, is this cute love note mailbox!  I made this last year and we actually have used it year round to leave little love notes and drawings for each other!  Click here for the tutorial!

Hope that helps get your creative juices flowing!  So, which project is first on your list?

Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Patterns + Newsletter Sign-up + 15% Off = Awesome!

It has been a while since I released any new patterns, but I'm happy to say that today I released 3!  Say hello to Nice & Knit, Baubles, and Stitchery. 

Inspired by Fair Isle knitting, this quilt is entirely made using flying geese.  I even share a trick in the pattern of how to make more blocks with less fabric waste.  Woo hoo for that!

Each row in this quilt represents a string of jewelry.  The "bangle" and "bauble" blocks are made using fat eighths and it is a quick finish quilt!  Great for a baby blanket, wouldn't you say? 

Stitchery is a shout out to an old time hobby of mine: cross-stitch. The beautiful flower motif in the center has a pixelated pattern look and I am especially loving the familiar X blocks, which those of us that cross-stitch would recognize anywhere!  

It was so fun to have those themes in mind as I designed these patterns! Now the problem is, which one to make first?

Patterns shown above are now available in my Etsy shop in paper or PDF format.  And right now I'm throwing in an extra bonus!  

I'm in the process of creating a monthly newsletter so I can share projects and announcements and exclusive coupons to my followers.  Anyone who signs up for my newsletter will get a 15% off coupon to use in my shop. It's good on any thing (including these patterns) in the store!

Comment below with which new pattern is your favorite!  I'd love to know . . . hope to hear from you soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year, New Goals

Hello, everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy New Year!  I have kind of been absent lately from the blogging world, and for those of you that follow me, I have to apologize.  Last year was a real doozy for my creativity!  I underwent 3 surgeries and most of the time I was getting by with just doing the bare minimum to keep my house in order and keep my family alive.  When I did find time for my hobbies, I just simply didn't have time to blog about it (or so I told myself).

But, it is a new year, and I am ready to nourish my soul again by making and sharing my creations. I decided to write down some goals that I believe will help me do that.  I want to share these goals with you so that I can put them out there and be more accountable to keep them.  I plan on checking in quarterly to see how I am doing with each of my goals and to make adjustments if necessary.  I really have three ways that I express my creativity and so I wrote goals for each of the following categories: Blog, Etsy Shop, and Just For Me!

My blogging goals are kind of a no brainer.  Blog.  Just do it.  Haha!  Make it look pretty.  That sort of stuff.  When it comes to my Etsy shop, I am super excited for this year!  I have so many wonderful plans and ideas that will be coming to fruition in the next few months!  I really want to share some of those fun things with you . . . but not quite yet.  I will be creating and sending out a newsletter to subscribers that will give some sneak peeks into some of the changes I'll be making as well as sharing things that I am working on and my creative process.  Watch for a sign up later this month!

And these goals . . . well, they are just for me.  Things that I want to make and keep.  Things that I want to work on in my down time from making for others.  There really aren't that many goals written in this section, and that's okay with me.  If I am able to get more done, then I would be ecstatic!  But, I'm keeping it simple in the hopes that my goals will be reachable and more enjoyable.

So, what about you?  Have you written down your creative goals for the year?  What do you do to be more accountable when you make your goals?  I'd love to hear from you in the comments!


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Finally a Finish

Oh, boy. It's been quite a while since I posted!  I took a little break from blogging and sewing this summer to focus on keeping the kids busy. We had so much fun swimming, playing, and visiting with family!  Now that school is back in session, I'm ready to get back to the sewing machine and my list of WIPs. 

I've been working on my latest finish for quite some time!  It is a miniature of my pattern, Honeybee Heaven and I am so thrilled with how it turned out. 

I decided that instead of machine quilting this one I would use some blue and yellow perle cotton thread and hand quilt around the honeycomb shape. 


I also wanted to incorporate some colorful thread on the binding. I machine stitched a skinny binding onto the back of the quilt and then hand stitched the binding to the front by using the yellow perle cotton thread using a big straight stitch. (I just went through the front layer and did not stitch through to the back.)

This mini is getting a special place above my sewing machine and I'm hoping it will be joined by some quilt friends soon!